We are Ultra Low Cost

We hear it all the time but... What it a low cost airline and how does it work?


Like any airlines, we comply with each and every regulation required by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration


At Flybondi, we let you choose if you want to buy optional items such as food, a specific seat or baggage. You won’t pay for anything you don’t use.


Both your flying and buying experiences will be easy, direct and fast. We trust the intelligence of our processes to reduce costs.


We believe that the more people have the freedom to fly the better. That’s why we have 189 equal seats on each plane, with no class distinction.


Our fleet consists of identical planes, with teams trained to operate all of them equally, favoring efficient operations.

Excellent Services

First-hand, no going through third parties that will charge you a commission. A team prepared for you to have a great experience since you search for your ticket until you reach your destination.


One single fleet with teams trained to operate all planes equally.